Holistic Alcohol Rehabilitation

Traditional Alcohol Rehabilitation

There are a very few people who would volunteer to enlist for treatment in a traditional alcohol rehab center. Most of those who find themselves in such a center are because of pressure from confrontational interventions or ultimatums from friends and emotional blackmailing by loved ones who are desperate to rid them of their drinking habits. In worst case they are illegally coerced to take up residential treatment in such centers without much to say about it. These centers treat alcohol addiction as a lifelong incurable disease and use a stigmatic approach which is to say the least inappropriate. Impressing repeatedly upon the addicts that ‘this is a disease’ and it requires stringent measures to treat, empowers alcohol in unreal ways and ignores the root cause of the person’s problems by blaming them on alcohol. This also hinders the individuals from developing strong values and a sense of responsibility towards their families and society.

The Brainwashing Approach

The conventional rehab centers try to convince people that they should abandon independent thought by restricting them to reading materials approved by the program. They further stress that the path to recovery is through spiritual realization or surrender to a supreme power. You will find abundance of fundamentalist religious dogma, with generous doses of alcohol counseling, confrontational peer pressure, documentary films, and such similar methods and techniques which are found to be ineffective in treating alcoholism.

Effectiveness of Holistic Alcohol Rehabilitation

Of late people have realized the effectiveness of holistic alcohol rehabilitation to eradicate addiction problems. Alcohol addiction is almost as old as mankind itself. Everyone who consumes alcohol is aware of the perils of turning into an alcoholic and tries their best to limit the consumption. Due to various factors some continue to consume alcohol without control until they turn themselves into addicts.

Most of the Holistic alcohol rehab centers are residential de-addiction programs that provide an environment for you to recover from alcoholism. They do not use the ‘one size fit all’ strategy generally adopted by traditional centers. They have personalized programs that include organic meals, personal therapy, yoga, meditation, relapse prevention and behavioral therapy.

They utilize the mind body relationship, as cleansing both the body and mind is the primary motive of holistic rehabilitation facilities since one can influence the other. An important aspect in holistic alcohol addiction treatment is meditation. Again the effective use of herbs, and alternative medicines to reduce craving for alcohol in the minds of the addict have been found helpful.

A right combination of alternative therapies, residential treatment, relapse prevention and aftercare services are the benefits of alcohol addiction treatment and can be considered a complete holistic alcohol rehabilitation program.

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