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Contact Information
Intake Phone: (909) 403-7121
Hotline: (888) 874-0445
Rehab Details
40571 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake, CA, USA, Big Bear Lake, California 92315

To put it simply, we’re a lot like you.

Odds are, if you’re reading this, then you’re thinking about getting help for substance abuse and/or mental disorders.

Maybe you’ve looked at a few facilities or this is the first one you’ve stumbled upon.

Many of the folks who make up our founding community here at Inner Vision were once in your shoes.

Struggling and a bit scared, looking for hope for but unsure where it was.

Our people went to many different facilities, tried different things. Some worked. Some could’ve worked better.

That’s all part of what put together Inner Vision.

Here, we’ve put together the best of what’s helped.

The best of the treatments, the best of the ideas, the best therapies – everything that helped us to overcome not just the symptoms but what was inside that was holding us back.

Hence, Inner Vision.

Our Mission

To make a place for recovery.

Inner Vision is a top of the line treatment facility nestled in Big Bear Lake.

But, it’s so much more than just “a facility.”

It’s a community.

Inner Vision is as much the people who work there as it is the amenities.

Yes, the amenities are all the very best. This is a luxurious Big Bear Lake home that also happens to be a top-notch treatment facility.

But, it’s the people that make the mission.

Here, we have the best staff possible.

Many of them have the best education, the best training, all of it.

That said, those aren’t the only reasons we hired them.

We also wanted to hire those who were the very best at being with people, at being supportive.

That enables us to foster a genuinely welcoming community.

Many of our patients don’t live around Big Bear Lake.

So, when they come here, they’re coming to an entirely new place.

We want this to be as warm and supportive as possible.

We’ve found that’s what can lead to what our mission truly is:

Helping people to progress on their journey of recovery.

Our Vision

Keep moving forward.

That’s our vision for our patients’ recovery.

There are days when it seems like you can’t possibly stay sober or feel good.

Recovery is about progressing, about not regressing.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s just about keeping you moving forward, towards the life you want.

That’s what our vision is: helping folks to move forward on the journey of recovery at the right pace without stopping.

Recovery can start today.

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