Top 5 Consequences Of Being A DWI / DUI Offender

DUI / DWI Statistics

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have accounted car wrecks as the leading cause of death for people under the age of 24 in America. Forty percent of these deaths are related to alcohol. Recent DUI / DWI statistics show increasing trends in these accidents. There are rising number of injuries and deaths related to accidents caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. DUI and DWI laws throughout the US are being enforced with greater diligence. Stiffer penalties are used as deterrents on offenders.DUI and repeat DUI offenders lack social responsibility and judgments are always delivered against such acts of irresponsibility in the way of harsh fines and penalties. Disproportionate number of alcohol related accidents and deaths due to underage drinking and driving led to rising the legal age for drinking in all states from 18years then to 21 years now.

Influence Of Alcohol On The Brain

When you drive you should be alert to respond to the signals and the continuous changes ahead on the road which is rendered impossible under the influence of alcohol. Since alcohol acts as a depressant it slows down the brain and its responses. If the alcohol content in blood is .10, slightly above the legal limit, then the risk of being involved in a crash that leads to fatality is seven times higher and if the alcohol level is .15, the risk increases to 25 times.

Top 5 Consequences of being a DUI /DWI Offender

Each state in the USA has passes stricter and harsher DUI laws to prevent DUI / DWI. Though different states have slightly different laws the severity with which they are implemented are the same when it comes to DUI /DWI offenders.

  • States respond with felony charges and extended jail term for offenders. DUI conviction can be incredibly severe. Conviction due to DUI can lead to revoking or suspension of your license.
  • If convicted of DUI / DWI you are required to carry SR22 car insurance which has a higher premium rate and the possibility of losing their driver’s license.
  • For the first time offender you need to attend DUI classes. Alcohol treatment and accident prevention programs are a part of this course. Sometimes you will have to attend a panel that comprises of the victims of DUI accidents during which you will have to meet the family members who have lost their relatives or friends to drunk drivers.
  • If convicted of DUI, You will be compelled to attend drunken driving school to a maximum of 30 hours and have to bear the costs for it. Sometimes you need to perform community service of up to 100 hours.
  • You will have to install Ignition Interlock, an expensive device, which measures the amount of alcohol on your breath.

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