Top 5 Reasons To Go To A Residential Rehab

Whenever drug rehabilitation is recommended, the first question one would ask the addicted individual or their loved one is, if they would prefer to be rehabilitated as an inpatient or as an outpatient.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient

Obviously the inpatient drug rehab would cost a lot more than an outpatient one. Inpatient treatment is generally found in special and dedicated clinics and also as part of hospital program in some cases. Inpatient treatment is a good option if the addiction is severe and you have intense physical and mental problems. It is also an option if the atmosphere in your house is not conducive to stay away from drugs or alcohol. Sometimes the distance between outpatient facility and your home may be too far to commute daily. Also if outpatient treatment failed to produce results in your case then you may choose inpatient treatment procedures.

The following are the top 5 reasons to go to a residential rehab.

    1. Best chance at recovering from addiction: The best type of treatment without a doubt is inpatient, because this type of treatment offers the best chance at recovering from their addiction. Here the patient receives twenty-four hour, round the clock care.
    2. Physical and psychiatric assistance: Here the patient receives both physical and psychiatric assistance as his treatment regimen. Enough time is at hand for the health providers to study the patient and gain valuable inputs that help them in treatment. Depending on the severity inpatients may stay at such live-in facility for months together. Of course various assessments must be taken and the patient must show willingness and sincerity before getting used to this type of treatment.
    3. Structured and defined atmosphere: One of an important reason why inpatient care may be more effective is because it offers a structured and defined atmosphere. This helps the addict to forget about the unnecessary distractions that may hamper treatment and allows them to stay focused on psychological and physical healing. The pain treatment or eating disorder treatment for drug abuse in a live-in facility cannot be matched by treatment available for outpatients.
    4. Safe Buffer Zone: Getting admitted as an inpatient drug rehab provides you with a safe zone where you don’t have to worry about meeting people or running into situations that was responsible for your addiction. You will require all the energy to focus on yourself and get out of the addiction in the first place and a residential rehab is beneficial as compared to outpatient drug rehab.
    5. Benefits from therapeutic community: In most residential rehab centers a community of patients supports one another by encouraging others to stay on task. This camaraderie gained through empathy helps the addicts overcome their habits during the course of treatment.

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