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What is addiction rehab?

Addiction rehabilitation is a medical, psychological and psycho-therapeutic process which is centered on the victim who wishes to get rid of addiction of either alcohol, drugs such as prescription drug, street drugs, cocaine, heroin or any such substance which is harmful for the body. Addiction rehab is meant to free the person from the effects of addiction and provide him respite from social, mental, financial or physical consequences which may arise due to continuous usage of such substances.

What to look for in a drug or alcohol rehab?

While choosing a drug rehab program, the following factors should be thoroughly examines and checked to have the best results:

  • Accreditation and Licensing: Drug rehab program should be properly accredited and licensed as per the concerned state norms. Additionally, the drug rehab center should have appropriate licence from the state authority of medicines and drug abuse control departments.
  • Effectiveness of the program: Although the effectiveness can only be found out once the patient enrolls themselves into the program, due check should be performed like reference check from previous patients and statistics of success rate.
  • Aftercare service: Is the drug rehab center providing after care service as well? This factor should be thoroughly checked before enrollment.

What to expect from drug or alcohol rehab?

The first thing that a person should check inside the drug rehab center is that, whether there are any locks inside the premises or not. In our opinion, there should be no locks; as the success ratio of the program solely depends on the willingness of the patient. If there are locks, then the patient subconsciously will try to resist the treatments. Additionally, other factors to be checked for efficient drug rehab program are: medical facilities, licensing agreement, existing staff, methodologies of the process, counseling and group therapy sessions, after care service and past references and success statistics.

What should family members expect from drug or alcohol rehab?

It has been found out that the drug rehab program with active association of family members’ results in higher success rate compared to non-association of family members. Once the drug rehab process include the family members, then they can observe and experience what drug addicts go through and also understand the process better, as after the rehab session ends, they are the one who would be responsible for the well being of patient. Some of the good and reputed drug rehab centers, infact, require the family members to be present during the addiction treatment program.

How to find an addiction rehab in California

California has a number of drug rehab centers, with excellent success statistics. Most of these drug rehab centers support and help the patients by means of group therapy, community therapy and active participation of family members. To find an addiction rehab in California, please call at (866) 531-4569.

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