What Cocaine Rehab Can Do For You?

Cocaine rehab can help you to break the cycle of cocaine dependency and can assist you in removing the temptation to use cocaine and its repeated addiction. In short, cocaine rehab program can give you a new life wherein there is no place for cocaine.

History of Cocaine

Cocaine is derived from a plant named coca, which was first found in South America. Normally, it grew in the high mountain ranges of South America as the weather suited its growth. The locals of that area consumed the derivatives of coca plant as it stimulated their brain and made their breathing hard; which resulted in higher inhalation of oxygen. This helped them to work harder and earn more. However, its stimulating affect of brain and central nervous system soon spread far and wide and within no time youth and adults began using cocaine as a drug to feel euphoric and more energetic. Slowly this recreational usage turned into a deadly addiction and resulted in hundreds of death within USA.

How Cocaine Is Produced

Cocaine is mainly produced from the leaves of coca plant. First of all, the leaves are pulverized and mixed with water and a mixture of alkaline and solvent solution which dissolves the leaves. Afterwards, it is thoroughly shaken and the liquid portions are removed. The residual is then mixed with acid and baking soda is added. The resultant substance is heated and dried and a paste like substance is formed which can be smoked. This paste is also converted into powder which can be snorted as well.

Street Names for Cocaine

Some of the common street names of cocaine are: Bernie’s Flakes, Big Bloke, Bernie’s Gold Chest, Blanca, Pearl, Have a Dust, Line, Pearl, Flake, Crack, Haven dust etc.

What Is The process of Cocaine Rehab?

The cocaine rehab process is complex. It varies from one situation to the next. First, the rehab consultant understands the severity of addiction and then accordingly devises a comprehensive rehab program which stems out the root cause. Typically, the following is the cocaine rehab process:

a) Detox: In this step, the harmful and toxic elements are removed from the body of the patient using various medicines as prescribed by the doctor. Typically, this step takes around 7 to 10 days or can even extend more if the addiction is really severe. The body shows withdrawal symptoms and extreme care is required to manage this condition.

b) Inpatient Rehab Procedure: The patient is treated inside a confined premise and provided various therapies such as community therapy, psychological consultancy and others.

c) Outpatient Rehab Procedure: It same as that of inpatient therapy; the only difference being that the patient is allowed to go out of the therapy center and take care of his or her job and other responsibilities.

Withdrawal Symptoms of Cocaine

Some of the withdrawal symptoms of cocaine addiction are: nausea, mood swings, vomiting, body ache, restlessness etc.

What To Expect From Cocaine Rehab

While choosing a cocaine rehab center, the first and foremost thing to be observed is the licensing of the center. It will reveal the standard and quality of the rehab center. Additionally, the medical staff, infrastructure and pass success rate should also be checked.

How To Find The Right Cocaine Rehab

We can help you find the best cocaine rehab center with excellent success rate and good reputation. We have a huge data base of the best cocaine rehab centers in and around California. For more information, please call us at (866) 531-4569.

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